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We're glad we crossed paths at Sonic Skin Care Houston Laser Skin Growth And Mole Removal, our goal is to make you shine by turning back time. We can help you create even skin tones-smoother looking skin, specializing in this highly-trusted beauty enhancement procedure for everyday unwanted blemishes skin tags-more that tend to age us overtime... We correct uneven skin colors even bumpy skin texture that appear on the face or body in all types of complexions, races or nationalities. 

In fact, over 50% of our patients we've treated successfully at least 10,000 by our time tested cosmetic skin growth removal expert by now, but who's counting anymore we get to see patients at the skin care clinic all the time with beautiful skin colors from around the world-that diversity makes this place Houston's place to go for body enhancing skin care services since 2008.    So, once your finished browsing this Google mobile friendly site if you enjoy reading and making decisions based on in-depth unscreened written testimony about skin tag removal only. Check out our legacy site when you finish up here it's Sonic- Miracle-Imaging-a live link is provided for at the bottom of the Map page...   

That website has several photos of patients who have graciously shared their personal results after a skin imperfection treatment as well as video, reviews, and tips on the aftercare healing process. All using the best plasma Microflash in 2024, which is light years ahead, but it's just not the technology someone needs to know how to fly the plane, and that's the difference. But don't get us wrong we have had our fair share of clients who were not happy with the outcome, mainly personality rubbish which you can read all about. so, if anyone tells you the skin care is easy it's not, but don't worry our laser girl will fix you up in no time which is priceless! 

So, whether you want a full body makeover or have one too many beauty marks, dpn spots, or facial moles we have you covered. Our place is timeless we've been "turning back time" as they say in our reviews Sonic Skin Care Houston Laser Skin Growth & Mole Removal may have your answer! We offer free skin care consultations plus a quote by phone on simple cases, and for a larger case of skin tags a dozen or so. We can arrange for you to send a few photos by email or text that you'd like to clean-up for a same day quote. Especially for patients that may be driving in from out of town in order to avoid any type of sticker shock.  All this is free at no charge & we hope to hear from You soon. Online hours: Mon-Sat, 8:00 to 8:00 pm.